Why did branded watches like to use leather watch straps?

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Choosing the Best Leather Watch Strap


Finding the ideal watch strap is just as essential as finding any other watch component. There are different types of watch straps in the market today but more and more people are turning their attention to leather watch straps. Aside from its timeless appeal, leather watch strap manufacturer are into making iconic pieces that project elegance, comfort and style.




For watch lovers, straps are categorized into different types depending on the style and material. For leather watch straps, it ranges from full grain and top grain to 1-piece or 2-piece. Other considerations would be if it has vintage style-threading or if it's top pitched?


With all the factors to consider in finding the best leather watch strap, it's important to check the following:


* The activities you'll be doing.

* The style that you're thinking of projecting.

* The type of strap that goes well with both the activity and the style.

* How easy or hard is it to maintain?

* How much are you willing to spend?




Listing down the activities you plan to do before choosing the perfect leather watch strap is a must. Whether it's for attending gatherings, meetings or for outdoor activities, you need to take note of these so you can narrow down your choices in terms of style or design and color.




Once you've established the activities you'll be doing, you can then go through the style you'd like to project. Are you into the classics? Are you going for something daring? Or are you just looking out for something that fits comfortably on your skin?




This is more looking into the design you're considering for your watch strap. Leather watch strap manufacturer are now coming up with a wide range of designs you can choose from.


The leather watch straps you can easily find online don't only come in different colors, you'll also see different designs such as those with punches, perforations or embeddings among others.


By taking into considering your activities and style, you should be able to narrow down your choices for the design.




The best thing about leather watch straps is that they've very easy to maintain. They are timeless pieces which can last a very long time with proper care and handling.


Here are a few tips to care for your leather watch strap:


* Don't use dishwashing soap - This is a common mistake, and it ends up ruining the texture over time. A good alternative is using leather protector spray or certain essential oils. This helps prevent fading, cracking and chipping by keeping its elasticity as well as smooth finish.

* Remove your watch from time to time especially when you're washing your hands, taking a shower or when you feel like you're perspiring too much. The water that seeps into the leather can be a good breeding place for bacteria that will eventually eat away all that leather.

* Check the stitching from time to time. If there's any fray cropping up on the stitches, you can have your leather watch strap manufacturer handle this for you. Another option would be to go to a mall watch kiosk.

* Clean the buckle. Grime can easily stick to the buckle because of sweat, dirt and dust. This can easily seep in because the buckle always goes through the leather.

* Observe proper care and handling depending on the type of leather watch strap you have. Whether it's full grain leather, top grain leather, bonded leather or split leather, it requires additional care. Make sure you're aware of the type of leather strap you have so you can give it the correct maintenance it needs.




There are a lot of leather watch strap manufacturer you can now find online. The prices of leather watch straps can vary depending on the type of leather and design. This would range from affordable to expensive pieces.


When checking your budget for the best leather watch strap, you also need to think about going for quality over the price.


* Are you looking for a cheaper watch strap even if it means going with lower grade leather that can eventually break?

* Are you looking for affordable options but should be of the best leather watch strap?

* Are you aiming for the best quality regardless of the price?


Leather watch straps are on high demand compared to other types of straps by leather watch strap manufacturer. They are known for being comfortable to wear and very easy to maintain. With proper care, these pieces can last a lifetime.


With the wide range of options, it's also easy to find one that suits not just your lifestyle but also your budget.


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They've worked with world-renowned companies such as Fossil, MICHAEL KORS, NIXON and many more.


With their integration to the design and manufacture of watch straps, they're the first company to come up and release pure resin watch band in China.

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