What is a leather watch band?

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Leather watch band refers to a watch band made of leather materials. Many people like to use leather watch bands, not only because they look good, they are also very practical. Let’s take a look at Simai leather watch band manufacturers for everyone. What is a leather watch band?


Knowledge of leather watch bands


For a long time, since the watch entered human life, the leather watch band has been accompanied by it. With its wide variety of patterns and rich colors, the leather watch band has a noble and elegant temperament, which is any other kind. The strap of the material is difficult to replace, which is the root cause of the enduring durability of leather watch bands. However, leather watch bands also have its shortcomings. Friends who have worn leather watch bands know that leather watch bands are not resistant to water, especially in summer. Leather watch bands will become discolored and hardened due to the absorption of human sweat, causing sweat stains. Smudges and even produce unpleasant odors, which lead to a worse consumer experience, which is annoying and has to be discarded. Replacement is not only costly, but also time-consuming and laborious. The rubber strap can make up for the shortcomings of the leather watch band. The rubber is elastic and not easy to deform, does not absorb or fear water, but the appearance of the rubber strap can hardly reflect the noble and elegant qualities of the leather watch band.


With the continuous advancement of technology and craftsmanship in recent years, a new product combining leather and rubber has appeared abroad. This is the leather rubber strap. It has the advantages of both and avoids their own shortcomings. It is a perfect match. The base of this kind of watch band is made of rubber, it will not absorb sweat when in contact with the human body, and will not produce stains. The leather on the surface has the same appearance and effect as the leather watch band, because there is a gap between the leather and human skin. The layer of rubber, no longer in contact with sweat, perfectly eliminates the previous lingering defects, and brings a good experience to consumers.


Simai leather watch band manufacturers have 18 years of experience in the production of watches and watch accessories and also has a complete watch production chain and has done OEM for many well-known world-renowned companies during the period, such as MICHAEL KORS, fossil, NIXON... With the rise of smart watches represented by Apple watch in recent years, the worldwide demand for straps has surged, and the company has gradually transformed, focusing on the design and manufacturing of watch bands.

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