Is Office 365 the best service to use for emails

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Work smart and quick, on any computer, from anywhere! Collaborate with colleagues and practically anywhere get protected user access to content. Microsoft Office 365, is one of the world's most popular software suites, is used by 1.5 billion people worldwide. Almost anyone who has been using a computer for the past thirty years would have sent an email via Outlook to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, or sent someone on Skype.

To communicate, create papers, and balance their accounts, millions of modern businesses rely on the tools of the suite. But, particularly since Office 365 was launched, there is a lot more to Office than many users know.

Whether you're thinking about using Office in the cloud, or just want to find out a little more about the inner workings of this ubiquitous yet sometimes underestimated digital package, too.

What is office 365?

Launched in 2001, Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft's popular Microsoft Office productivity suite with a subscription model. Office 365 provides the same core software as conventional Office models, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and can also include other applications and services such as Publisher, Planner, OneDrive, Exchange, 

SharePoint, Access, Skype, Yammer, and Microsoft Teams, depending on the plan purchased.

When licensing Office 365, there is a range of different packages available, including personal use versions, multi-user households, students, companies, non-profits, and educational institutions.

How does Office 365 different from previous Office versions?

Office 365 is a subscription-based service, which ensures that users pay a monthly subscription fee instead of purchasing a copy of the suite directly for a one-time, up-front price to use the service at the level of their choice.

With the subscription-based model of Office 365, users always have access to the latest version, since the platform is modified at the end of Microsoft, although on-site users will have to purchase a new copy of the latest edition as perpetual in order to be able to use the new functionality.

Office 365 is also developed as a cloud-first application; it is designed to be used remotely, while desktop versions of its apps are available with some plans. All Office 365 produced software, programs, and data are hosted on Microsoft's servers.

There is no need for users to install software or maintain any hardware to run it on. Office 365 also comes with email hosting and cloud storage space, so users can host their files online from any device that connects to the Internet and have access to them wherever and whenever they need to. Office 365 is cloud-based and also comes with a range of features not included in previous, permanent models.

Who uses Business Office 365 and why?

For nearly three decades, Microsoft Office has been offering productivity resources to computer users; today, more than a billion people worldwide use Office products. For companies, however, Office does a lot more than word processing and spreadsheet editing.

While its leading core apps still equip companies with the simple tools they need to perform daily tasks such as data management, document development, and information communication, Office has developed into a vast suite of smart tools that empower organizations to be more productive and effective. And businesses of all sizes and conditions can get ac ac with several personalized plan options available, Services like Outlook can provide a solid, professional-looking forum from which companies can create brand awareness and market their services.

 Outlook's robust calendar functionality will also help businesses connect and better manage their time. All apps and services are connected with Office 365, both to each other and to the wider web, encouraging teamwork, saving employees time, and helping them work closer together through tools such as team chat, online meetings, co-authoring, and sharing of files, and group emails. The integration of cloud storage and mobile apps in the Office 365 suite also helps enterprises to operate anywhere and wherever with secure access to collaboration.

What's an Exchange with Microsoft?

For Microsoft, Microsoft Exchange is an Email Server solution. It's the base for email clients like Outlook to run. Anything happening in Outlook - incoming and outgoing mail, tasks, contacts, calendars - is stored and processed on the Exchange server. Exchange helps businesses to build their own autonomous mail system.

Available Plans for Office 365 for Business:

There are currently two licensing models for business customers wishing to implement Office 365. Companies with fewer than 300 users can select one of three Business Plans from Office 365, and four Enterprise Plans from Office 365 are available for larger companies, all of which supports unlimited users. License styles can be combined to meet the organization's needs.

MS Office 365 is a powerful Microsoft Office solution focused on the cloud that incorporates communication, security features, and cooperation at a very affordable price.

Inside MS Office 365, the opportunity for teamwork, video conferencing, instant messaging, and e-mail helps customers to use the new productivity applications and reduce their IT costs, giving you peace of mind. We also provide IT Solutions and services with a dedicated and expert team 24 hours on time.

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