Tree Climbing Equipment

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Although you may think that tree climbing is only for the professionals, more and more people are showing an interest in it. Repairmen and tree surgeons were only seen up trees but with the recent interest in climbing trees more average people are trying it out. If you want to try this past time out then you will need to ensure that you purchase the right type of tree climbing equipment. This will ensure that you are kept safe while up the trees and will aid you in the tree climbing.


This unusual past time is fast becoming a popular sport and more people are doing some sort of tree climbing every weekend. It is a very healthy sport to take up and will take a degree of skill for you to be able to scale up the different trees. Even children are taking to this adventurous new sport and loving every minute of it. Before you start, you will need to find the right tree climbing equipment to ensure that you are secure and safe on the trees. If you buy the correct safety equipment then you will find the tree climbing easier and fun to do.


Safety is very important when climbing up trees and you should understand the basics and what safety equipment you will need. You should ensure that you write a list of all the equipment for climbing trees that you will need and then go to a proper sports shop to purchase them. Helmets are one of the vital pieces of equipment as this will protect your head if you were to fall. Your helmet should fit very well and not be too tight so you should try several different ones on until you find the perfect one for your head. They should have an under the chin strap to hold it into place and ensure that it doesn't move when you shake your head.


Ropes are the next important piece of climbing equipment and you should ensure that you have both of the designs you will need. There are two main types of ropes, these are stretchable and the static rope. Static ropes are used for anchoring and should be strong enough to hold your weight when tree climbing. You need to consider the length of rope that you will need which will depend on the size of the tree you aim to climb. If you are in any doubt of the ropes you will need you should ask for professional help.


You will also need harnesses which are a very important piece of tree climbing equipment. You can choose one that you wear around your waist or the fuller one that you wear on your chest. If you want, you can in fact wear both of them but you need to ensure that they fit correctly and they aren't too tight. Spikes are also very handy when climbing trees as they will help you to grip the tree and not slip back down. Once you have all the right equipment for tree climbing then you can spend hours having fun and adventure exploring the trees.


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