How To Wear Gothic Fashion

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Gothic fashion is a style defined by dark and mysterious clothing. Influenced by the 19th Century Gothic literature, it sometimes incorporates a morbid sense of fashion which includes pale makeup, black hair, black lipstick and black clothing. It closely resembles and is often mistaken for heavy metal, punk or emo fashion. With Medieval and Victorian roots, Gothic style is very elegant and beautiful. However, as stunning as this style is, it can overwhelm the average fashionista. Here are a few ways to incorporate this trend that will not make you look overdone or too theatrical.


Wear black in moderate amounts. Too much can make you look like a corpse. Pair black with other dark and rich hues such as deep burgundy, charcoal, and plum to achieve the mysterious look. Popular color combinations for Goths are black-red and black-plum.


Stay away from gold jewelry and accessories. Silver is the metal of choice for this trend. Charm bracelets, long pendant chains, spikes, crosses and chandelier earrings will look amazing. If you must wear gold, make sure is it antiqued and old looking.


Wear elegant fabrics like velvet, brocade and lace. Velvet can look too heavy when worn alone or all over so make sure to mix up your textures. A velvet skirt with a slim cotton blouse and lace hose brings depth and interest to an outfit. Wear burgundy leggings underneath a lace skirt and an off the shoulder cardigan for a sexy yet modest look. For something really steamy, pair a black brocade corset with dark distressed jeans and a spiky bracelet or choker. Lace can age you if you wear too much of it. Stick to one piece or accent to make sure you are not overdone.


Tall boots are a necessary fashion accessory for Goths. Heels are optional, but the boot should cover above the knee. There are many styles of boots available from slouchy suede ones that you slip into, or tall patent leather boots with miles of laces. Boots with heavy metal buckles or zippers are also very popular. Be careful that the pair you choose does not overwhelm your body. If you are petite, stay away from heavy soles because that just makes your feet look too large for your body. If you are curvier, over the knee boots may make your legs look shorter.


Gothic styles are unique and elegant, but very easy to get wrong. You do not have to be Goth to dress this way, but remember that just wearing all black does not mean you are Goth. It has a long history that continues to write itself. Pick a few elements and incorporate it into your style for a modern twist to this elegant and mysterious look.


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