Dyson Cordless V6 vacuum cleaner

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This is One of the best bagless vacuum cleaner. It is not like other vacuum cleaners because of its unique construction and its unique suction methodology. Despite being fairly small in size, it provides great suction power as compared to some other vacuum cleaners.



Some of the unique and most amazing features of this vacuum cleaner are elaborated below in detail.


Well-engineered structure.

Although the vacuum cleaner is very small as compared to a full-sized vacuum cleaner, its structure provides it the functionality to have great suction power. If compared to any other handheld vacuum cleaner, it will provide 3 times more suction power because of its radial cyclones cushion mechanism and amazingly powerful suction motor.


Uses gravity for weight management.

As this vacuum cleaner has to be used with only one hand, it must be easy to hold for a long time. That is why it has been engineered so well. The weight has been managed in this vacuum cleaner to use gravity in the action to help the hand of the user. This makes the vacuum cleaner easy to hold and more productive.


Attachments make it even better.

This vacuum cleaner comes with several attachments that make it more efficient. For example, the brush attachment is great for cleaning the interior of the car. Whereas, the long pope attachment with the narrow face makes the power mode of the vacuum cleaner more efficient while making it easier to reach in the most unreachable areas. Amazingly portable.

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