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As an online seller, a professional-looking eBay shop makes you look more professional. In the minds of consumers, an impression of professionalism adds to your reputation. An eBay Store offers you access to eBay's Business Resource Center as an added bonus, where you can download templates and much more for professional-looking business cards. To get more out of the eBay marketplace and to attract millions of customers, an eBay Shop is your all-in-one online business solution.

It is a  central shopping destination where customers can learn more about you and your products are created by eBay Stores.

You can also get exclusive instruments for marketing and merchandising.

Save: Get free listings and lower fees for the final value.

Reinforce traffic:  Drive customers to your listings and shop.

Listings to optimize: To optimize your listings, use exclusive, powerful tools.

Away from Time:  For your buyers, make your absence as smooth as possible.

Dedicated service to customers: Subscribers to the eBay Anchor Store have access to white-glove customer service.

A strategic advantage: Free access to the commodity and pricing insights of 

With an eBay Store, see how much you get and save

All subscribers to the store receive:

  • For auction listings that end in a sale, unlimited insertion fee credits.

  • In contrast to non-subscriber prices, as much as 60 percent off final value payments.

  • Access to Manager Promotions.

Special company service discounts:

  • Phone and email connections to white-glove customer service, wherever it is required.

  • The highest insertion fee discount for listings outside your free allocation.

  • Enjoy exclusive tools for subscribers to our eBay Stores only. Right from the Seller Center, you run your store and your ads yourself, making it easy to tell your customers who you are and why you should buy them.

  • Improve item exposure with Advertised Listings and reach more customers.

  • Get goods noticed and sell more products per visit by developing promotions and sales events for markdowns.

You have the right to put your store and listings 'on hold' when it's time to move away. Add messaging to listings automatically so that customers know when you're out and when you're going to be back.

Personalize your eBay Shop:

You can find all the tools in the Seller Center to run the eBay Store. You can manage inventory, place items on sale, arrange your listings, pick items to include, and more within custom categories. More about operating your store can be found in the Seller Center.

If you have not chosen Seller Center, you can do so by selecting the Manage eBay Store option below.

Changing the name of your eBay Shop:

While the name of your eBay Store in Seller Hub can be updated, we do not suggest it because any marketing links or bookmarks generated by your customers will no longer function, and in certain search engine results, your store will also be ranked as a new location. If you do want to change your eBay Store's name, the new name can't be another member's username on eBay, or misleadingly identical to another eBay member's username.

A name that includes the term "eBay," or a name that is misleadingly similar to "eBay" is identical or misleadingly similar to the name of another corporation that is protected by trademark law.

In defending intellectual property, we play our part.

Adjust your subscription to the eBay Store:

By upgrading your store to a higher level, you can get lower fees and additional business resources. Or, you can change your renewal period to an annual subscription if you currently have a monthly subscription. Here's how to change the subscription amount for your store:

  1. Pick the Change subscription on your My Subscriptions tab.

  2. Find the eBay Store level that you want to upgrade to on the Choose a Store Subscription page and choose to Pick and Check.

  3. Check your order on the Review and Submit tab, and then select Submit Order to confirm the changes to your subscription.

To change the renewal period for your eBay store:

  1. Pick the Change subscription on your My Subscriptions tab.

  2. You'll see your current subscription on the Choose a Store Subscription tab. If you want to go from yearly to monthly, pick Change to Monthly, or Change to Annual if you want to go from monthly to yearly.

  3. Check the information on the Review and Submit page and select Submit Order to confirm changes to your term in the eBay Store.

  4. The Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up for your eBay Store are subject to your subscription levels and change of terms.

You can create your own unique categories for the eBay Store and position products at no extra charge in two store categories at a time. Increase your sales on eBay and get the opportunity to sell more on eBay. You can sell something on eBay quickly and can make money. On eBay, you can optimize your presence, too. If you are just getting started or are a seasoned eBay Power Seller, it is a perfect way to meet potential buyers that you might not get through eBay auctions or have an eBay shop.

Sell and expand your business with your goods online! A full, cost-effective e-commerce store is here to provide you with features so that your customers can have a friendly shopping experience.

This is a free website created with