What is API Integration?

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Not yet another buzzword of the day, connectivity is. Whether or not we like it, we are surrounded by machines that connect with one another. Components communicate and 'speak to' each other when it comes to the world of software development and thus allow the creation of more complex solutions using these preset building blocks. And that is exactly what the API is about, to make this communication easier. API integration services can be interpreted as a certain set of protocols, methods, code requirements, and routines that are used to decide how software components can communicate. It is an interface between two (or more) programs, computers, data, or services that allows communication.  IT Company has experience with a wide range of web services and are experts using SOAP, REST and XML-RPC as well as JSON and other communication methods. Above all, we can design API integration services to securely and efficiently expose the right sections of your current applications, enable your developers and partners to build on sound SOA principles by delivering them either in the cloud or on your corporate network. 

API development:

  • For modern and legacy enterprise applications, the IT company designs advanced APIs.

  • Our APIs enable access, as well as web services, to application data, functionality, and business logic.

  • We build APIs, web sockets, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), firmware/middleware, browsers, databases, and operating systems for desktop, mobile, and cloud applications.

SQL Server integration services:

  • We will help you extract data from different sources and turn the data into multiple destinations as per your requirements and load data.

  • SSIS aims to develop data transformation and data integration strategies at the enterprise level.

  • SSIS is helpful in loading data into the Data Warehouse from standard transactional data.

ERP API Integration:

  • Integration of Pronto software(link new window: pronto.net) with Pronto APIs to any web-based application.

  • To work with Pronto Software via APIs, we create web applications (Link: web-applications.html).

  • With our API integration services, we build Web applications (Link: web-applications.html) and Mobile Applications (Link: mobile-apps.html) to create customer portals, internal forms that can not be achieved through your ERP framework.

Keep Business moving around the clock:

  • Outsourcing helps you to concentrate on your core competencies while another business concentrates on them.

  • IT Outsourcing helps you to get your product into the hands of several clients even quicker.

  • IT Outsourcing allows businesses to increase efficiency in a more productive way and

Outsourcing helps you to direct your human capital where it is most needed.

Keep a priority on critical business operations without compromising quality

IT Outsourcing can influence the identification of the sales of a business and can generate substantial savings.

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IT Company Australia is the best service provider of business intelligence and database services. With managed and technical services for Microsoft SQL servers and data platforms, we have the largest commercial database administrators and consulting teams in Australia.


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