How to choose the watch band?

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Nowadays, there are a lot of people who wear watches, not only because wearing watches will make people have more temperament, but also a kind of accomplishment, status symbol. Watch band is a term used by watchmakers to describe the effective part of a watch that is fastened to the wrist. There are also Simai watch bands manufacturers that make up different watch bands.


Metal strap


Metal watch band can be divided into precious metal material and other metal material, the common precious metal used as watch band material is mostly platinum, K gold. And other metal material watch band, and steel, titanium metal in the majority.


Precious metal watch band: the price is expensive, the workmanship is meticulous, very luxurious, the general situation is not used. This type is suitable for high-grade watches and jewelry watches, etc., suitable for special occasions to wear.


Ordinary steel watch band: moderate price, high and low - grade goods complete.


The advantages of metal watch band are durable, rugged and sporty. Although fear of oxidation is also prone to scratches due to improper care during use. But compared to leather, rubber and nylon watch bands, it will last longer and, after a few simple treatments, can be restored to its luster.


Weakness: one afraid of sweat, two afraid of bump, three afraid of discoloration. watch band as a part of direct contact with the skin, due to the use of time, use habits and environment, more or less will produce dirt, metal watch band in contact with sweat without timely treatment, easy to scale and then lead to wear, corrosion.


Leather watch band


There are quite a lot of varieties, and the price difference is also very wide. Crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, cowhide, sheepskin and so on. Newer leather watch bands include: devil's skin, water snake skin. Elegant watch must match top leather watch band, can show the overall elegant temperament.


The biggest advantage of leather watch band is skin-friendly. In other words, in terms of wearing comfort, leather watch band is more comfortable, especially in the cold autumn and winter when wearing more warm and comfortable. Compared with other watch band material, leather watch band is less likely to harm the skin and clothing. In addition to the material itself, leather watch band brings people the feeling of elegance and restraint. In daily life, it is more suitable for business occasions to wear, giving people a more formal feeling.


But leather watch band has a biggest disadvantage, that is easy to wear, aging fracture. Wear in summer when the high temperature is easy to suffocate sweat. Because of the reason of leather general airtight, as well as the reason of leather watch band making process, after wearing a day in hot summer, the ring of wrist wearing watch may stuffy out a ring of sweat. There is also a reason can not be ignored, after the stuffy sweat, leather watch band will also produce an odor, which requires the wearer to wear leather watch band regularly with a slightly wet wet cloth carefully wiped, so as not to produce an odor.


Canvas or nylon watch band


When it comes to nylon watch bands, many people immediately have a brand in mind, the DW. DW quickly captured the young market with its simple large dial design and changeable nylon watch band. But with the exception of the DW, other watch brands also like nylon straps. Nylon and canvas advantages are simple and practical, cheap and easy to produce. Moreover, these materials have a good feeling of wearing, breathable and comfortable. There are also a lot of patterns on the design, various patterns, the choice of space is also very large.


Nylon or canvas watch band is inadequate, not suitable for formal occasions to wear; The material is easy to draw silk and fluff. In addition, a lot of people also think that nylon watch band with rubber belt, think that nylon watch band than metal watch band and leather watch band high-end, appear cheaper. In fact, the production of nylon watch band is because of its lower cost and simple and practical, compared with its advantages, I personally think that nylon material is not high-end can not become its shortcomings or shortcomings, because it is exactly the best choice for sports watches.


The plastic watch band


The plastic watch band price is the cheapest, mainly with electronic fashion table. The pattern design is diverse and colorful.


Plastic watch bands are more common in children's watches, and adults do not wear them.


Silicone/rubber watch band


Gradually get the favor of table vendors. Mainly used for waterproof, diving table, in the future its use will be more and more widely. Silica gel/rubber has excellent physical properties: non-toxic, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, elasticity, easy maintenance.


Silica gel/rubber watch band is generally used in sports watches, because this material has an advantage that cannot be ignored, the flexibility of silica gel/rubber is particularly good, commonly known as "carry to make". In addition, the silicone/rubber band fashion dynamic is also the reason many people choose it. More and more senior watches prefer rubber watch band, practical and easy to maintain and have a sense of fashion silica gel/rubber watch band has gradually become the factor of the new rich watch band.


Relative to the metal watch band and leather watch band, the rubber material is still not for the elderly group identity, in the sense of texture, metal watch band and leather watch band can bring the quality prominent, is silica gel rubber watch band incomparable.


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