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Are you looking for a faster conversion of your PDF into excel. Then here is PDF4me, aiding you for a better conversion. Converting PDF to excel is on the difficult side as excel sheets contain tables and data. Most conversions end up messing the alignment of the tables and other data but PDF4me is a swift conversion online tool with consistent and on the top performance level that converts your PDF into excel sheets aligned neat and intact.And it   also generate PDF optimized for the web with lesser file size comparing other online tools available. 


The conversion from PDF to excel happens in just 2 steps 

  • Drag the PDF file into the converter
  • Click on the “convert to excel” button, lean back and chill 
  • It is done in less than a time that you even think of.  


  • The product after conversion is a rightly placed excel sheet just as the original document that you uploaded. 
  • QUALITY is a promise from PDF4me. The final product will have optimum clarity and sharpness.
  • Their   inbuilt software enables a much faster conversion without compromising in the quality of the outcome
  • The generated PDF is optimized for the web, and also it have a good compression ratio. So the file size will be lesser compared to other online conversion tool. 


  • All conversions offered by PDF4me are secure and sound. Your personalized documents remains safe and you can be sure of that because the PDF that you upload gets erased within an hour of the conversion. 
  • PDF4me values your convenience as well; this online tool is available in all platforms like Mac, Linux, and Windows.   There is no need for the user to go for any other additional software to do the conversion. Furthermore, any excel document be it XSLS or XLSX is supported and the conversion is flawless and intact in each case. The least you need is a smart phone. PDF4me is available in your smart phone which means; you could just sit back in your favorite couch and go for the conversion. 
  • You might be wondering about the data loss especially when it’s a  PDF to  excel   conversion! , but PDF4me doesn’t cost you any data.  The whole process happens just through a click and it hardly requires any data. Nothing can be simpler than this!
  • PDF4me also offers a way to watermak your work.  So you have ability to upload your watermark image or text and the tool will generate a watermarked PDF file . You can protect your origianal work by watermarking it. 

If you are in search of an easier tool to convert your PDF’s, nothing can better than PDF4me. It is the best online conversion tool that you can opt for fast, simple and better conversions. PDF4me also provide many tools to manage your PDF files.   It  include PDF conversion tool from document,images  and excel files, It also provide tool to edit, compress, password protect and watermak the PDFfiles.  Log in and experience the easy conversion for yourself today! 

This is a free website created with hPage.com.