How to remove the watch band?

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After we buy a watch, we often encounter situations where we need to remove the watch band. Generally, there are many kinds of watch band materials, such as tungsten-titanium alloy, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel, soft fiber, ordinary steel, etc. Then how should we remove the watch Bring it? Take a look at the tips for removing watch bands with Simai watch bands manufacturers.


Use scissors as a watch band removal tool, that is, use the needle of the watch band removal tool when topping the steel sheet instead of using the tip of the scissors to avoid messing up the watch band. The whole process is very simple, just a few minutes. carry out.


Before removing the watch band, take a rough measurement and analyze how to remove the watch band, and how many watch bands are appropriate. First, temporarily remove the looped watch band from the buckle so that the watch band can be laid flat on the table. To facilitate the next move. It is best to put a piece of flannel underneath to protect the watch.


For metal watch bands, when removing the watch band sections, it is best to use an even number, and the left and right sides of the buckle must be removed evenly. Only in this way can the buckle be centered and it is comfortable to wear. Especially for ladies with thinner wrists, they should pay more attention to this issue when going to the watch band section.


Most detachable watch bands have an arrow mark on the back of the watch band, which can push the pin of the watch band in the direction of the arrow; if there is no arrow mark, you can observe the end surface of the pin in the hole, if it is flat and still With a tight gap, let's call it end A for the time being, and the other end is a round end face, we call it B for the time being, we need to push the pin out in the direction from B to A. For the method of replacing the stripping needle: rotate the handle of the stripper counterclockwise, then pry off the tail ring, separate the handle by a seam, and then remove the broken needle.


How to remove the steel watch band?


First of all, please read the arrow on the back of the watch band before you are ready to remove the watch band. The arrow with the arrow is detachable. Secondly, loosen the handle of the watch band detacher, put the watch band into the watch groove, and keep the steel needle of the watch band detacher aligned with the needle hole, and the steel needle of the watch band detacher is in the direction indicated by the arrow. Tighten it inward, the steel pin (earring) connecting the watch band will be pushed out, and then use pliers to pull out the earring.


Please note that during use, use the steel needles carefully to avoid scratching the watch band, which will affect the appearance of the watch. After the watch band is removed to a size suitable for the wrist, the two-piece watch band must be connected at this time. After inserting the ears and fixing them, the remaining part of the head section can be tapped lightly with a hard material, preferably a hard rubber material, which can better avoid scratching the watch band. After knocking it in, use the tape remover to slightly push the ears into the recess.


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