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IT company Australia that continually provides a wide number of small to medium-sized business customers with IT Advisory Services & Software Consulting Services. In order to make the right infrastructure choices, it requires a range of experience and skills. With their current IT solutions, business owners often find themselves at a crossroads, sometimes raising questions such as:

  1. Migration to Cloud Services can we consider?

  2. Can our data be properly backed up?

  3. Have the right security solutions been introduced and is our network secure from hackers?

  4. How can we boost our visibility online?

  5. To enhance our business processes, what sort of CRM solution should we implement?

  6. Should we have an appropriate contingency plan for disasters?

  7. Should we track the internet use of our employees?

Of course, as far as IT consulting firms are concerned worldwide, there are many choices, but our IT consultants have a range of experience and expertise that is best practice in the industry, but we are also proud to handle each and every scenario in a thorough way. Both elements of a situation will be analyzed and a variety of solutions will be proposed, all with clearly defined pros and cons. In essence, we believe that major modifications to your IT infrastructure involve a clearly specified process.

Quality IT Services:

We ensure that our dedicated team of experts will guide you to the best of your understanding.

In this dynamic digital era, we are creating creative technology and the most advanced solutions for companies to drive business in a unique and profitable way. Our IT consultancy team takes advanced business transformation initiatives such as cloud, info, IoT, AI, and machine learning technology to make a strong impact on the business services of our customers. To reflect business management in a unique way, we build scalable business models and specialized application modules.

We help companies introduce advanced IT technologies and winning omnichannel marketing solutions to make businesses best-in-class and to assist them with their goals and objectives.

We have an experienced, creative, and diverse team of experts focusing primarily on delivering outsourcing and offshore software development services for individuals, small and medium-sized companies, and corporate customers. As a leading outsourcing company for apps, we have what it takes to keep us ahead of the competition and ensure that our customers' satisfaction level hits a new high. Techno Softwares provides you with solutions that suit your budget, deadline, testing and implementation requirements as an offshore software development company in AUS.

The online exposure of a range of commercial verticals has been steered by our end-to-end affordable platform and mobile solutions (both B2B and B2C).

 Our large team of trained and qualified IT professionals is guided by an uncompromising desire to push the technological horizons to provide seamless consulting services through various platforms, including online, tablet, and other handheld devices. We provide various services by consulting on technology optimization, application services, integration of systems, product engineering, custom software creation, maintenance of applications and re-engineering of applications, non-functional testing, and optimization of architectures.

We support companies, non-profits, SMEs, and start-ups to develop personalized ERPS, CRMS, web and mobile apps, solutions for e-commerce, quality assurance, etc. Techno Softwares are designed to complement the capabilities of customers and speed up the time to market the field-validated standard components of software and custom development services. By providing top-quality technology services/solutions in the areas of IT Services. We help our customers to adapt to dynamic market conditions and develop their business competitiveness.

Web and graphic layout

  • Mobile design of APP

  • Integration into CMS

  • Electronic commerce

  • Services for research

  • Services for internet marketing

  • Software Development Development of Websites

  • Creation of Mobile Apps

  • Service Production for Enterprise


As a major IT service provider in this dynamic marketplace, we work to develop and continuously expand. By thinking out of the box, we believe in providing the maximum to our customers. As a team at Techno Softwares, we work to provide organized, efficient, and rational solutions for each of your personalized needs. In order to develop new goods and services, streamline processes and control them across all classes and borders, we work effectively with our clients. 

With the support of our team, we imagine our company as the first and the last stop for businesses around the world pursuing long-term sustainability, growth, and prosperity. Our services will improve your job to the point of enhancing your jobs.


We still work a little harder to keep our customers ahead of the market at all times. Our expertise lies in helping companies successfully use their goods and businesses and in promoting their overall strategies and goals. Our mission is to sustain the organization's stability and development, as well as provide a cost-effective and consistent approach every time you meet us.

IT Company Australia is the most trusted specialist in technology solutions, offering online growth for companies with IT Consultancy Services and Solutions.

We have helped so many organizations to get organized online since 2007. Sydney (Australia) and Los Angeles are networked with our servers, help, and data centers (USA).

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