How to Write the Perfect Essay

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Would you call yourself an essay writer? Would you say that my essay is legit the best one out there? Many people have absolutely no trouble with writing an essay, so those claims are not a long-shot for most people. Whenever they’re assigned a topic, all they must do is open up their computer and just begin to type their essay.


But if you were one of those people, you wouldn’t have found yourself on this blog. You’ve found yourself struggling. Now, regardless of whether it was with coming up with ideas for the essay, not being able to meet a word count, not being able to construct an appropriate flow, or if you simply just don’t know where to start, we’re here to help you out. You can either start by Googling “write my essay for me” or we can either recommend some of the best writing services to help you with the matter. But, if that is not your cup of tea, we can help you write your essay for you. This blog is going to cover the basics of essay writing, provide a step by step methodology to follow that’ll help you draft THE perfect essay despite what the topic is or what it is for.


Do Your Research!


Whenever I write, or even type my essay, the very first step is to know what I am writing about. Similarly, you could do the same. You should spend a fair bit of time researching your topic thoroughly before you start typing your essay. Use authentic sources, watch YouTube videos, check out a documentary if there is one. All this research may seem like wasted time, but it actually makes writing the essay really easy.


Brainstorm What You Want to Write


Once you’re in the mindset of writing my essay for me, the next thing you need to figure out how you’re going to approach the given topic. Think hard as to what would make an essay a “my essay” for you. At this stage of your essay, precision goes flying out the window. Try to be as vague as possible and list down everything you want to feature in your essay even if it makes no sense. You could even go the full mile and use strategies like mind mapping and flowcharts to further clarify the relationship within the different bits of information available.


Draft a Thesis


A thesis is a critical part of your essay as it sets the tone for the rest of your content. It needs to be concise, to the point, and most importantly, it should contain the information necessary to tell the readers what your paper is about. The thesis statement is usually placed in the very first paragraph and has about 2-3 sentences at the most. It is highly suggested that you spend a decent bit of time on the thesis and try to load it up with as much information as you can naturally.


Create the Perfect Outline


It is always easier to create any piece of content if you have all the headings and subheadings already defined. For example, each of the headings in this blog (Do your research, Brainstorm what you want to write, etc.) were written way before the text was filled in. This doesn’t just make writing easy, it creates a consistent flow between your text that wouldn’t be there otherwise. However, a perfect essay does not have these headings or even the outline, it is a flow of comprehensive and blended ideas that go well together. Thus, type this section of your essay first and get started.


Start Filling in the Empty Lines


Now that you’re done with all the preliminary preparations, you’re ready to crack your knuckles and get done with the actual writing. Keep a close eye on the data you collected during the research and brainstorming phase and carefully translate it into a story. Make sure all your content is a reflection of facts and figures instead of personal opinions. Most importantly, the words should read well with a consistent flow of information that adds to the knowledge of the user instead of just repeating things they already know.


Check, Recheck, and Re-re-check!


The essay is now written congratulations. But your job is far from over. You still have to go over the content and make sure it contains no spelling or grammatical mistakes. We would suggest using your own capabilities and combine it with tools like Grammarly. There are mistakes you won’t be able to pick up and there are mistakes that these tools won’t pick up. But, if you use both, you’ll have a much better chance at perfection and walk away with an article that is, if not flawless, at least 95% correct.


Closing Thoughts


Essay writing can be difficult for a lot of people. It’s a technical form of writing that is necessary if you hope to excel in your academic life. If you’ve been struggling, all you need to do is keep practicing and use our steps to ensure that in just a few tries. However, our writing services online are always at your disposal. If you’re wondering “who can write my essay for me”, well our team of essay writers certainly can. These essay writers can not only take care of the steps for you but also allow you to come up with the perfect essay, one that you have been looking for.

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