Best WordPress Hosting in Australia

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The best way to serve the WordPress community is by WordPress Hosting. To launch a WordPress account, anyone can use our platform and get it hosted for free. We will include basic features of the Cloud Control PanelTM(CCP), such as the Site Replicator one-click and App Snapshot tools. On top of that, we take regular backups for safe-keeping from your site.

Specifications for Free WordPress Hosting:

  1. 500MB Space on Disk

  2. 1 Core with CPU

  3. 1 gigabyte of RAM

  4. Subdomain Free

Limitations for Free WordPress Hosting:

Keep it new - Log in to the CCP at least once a month to keep your site updated. Your site will be deleted if you do not. Do not worry; we will give reminders to you.

Keep it clean - We reserve the right to delete for malicious purposes any site being used.

One convenient product that will cover all of your needs for hosting. It's easily scalable, which means that you can practically create any site with it.

  • Optimized Joomla

  • Optimized by WordPress

Each Full Featured Plan contains:

  • Bandwidth Unrestricted

  • 20 GB Space on Disk

  • RAM of 2 GB

  • Free Domain for

  • 2 Cores for CPU

  • Email Addresses Unrestricted

Standard Assistance Plan :

The most famous plan of ours. All of the important features, such as 24/7 phone service, are included.

You will get extra help from us with the Regular Package, which provides 24/7 phone support from a team of award-winning support engineers. And a lot of cool other things.

  • Telephone Service 24/7

  • DNS and Domain Support

  • Help for Mail Configuration

  • Supporting FTP/SSH

  • Support with website migration

Business Support plans:

Do you want us to run your site entirely for you? That's the plan correct. We're also going to take care of your CMS and plugins being changed. The cost of launching new websites is also reduced.

  • All from The Basic Plan

  • AI-Powered updates to CMS

  • Progressive troubleshooting

  • Help for Chat

  • Themes & Templates aid

Output Superior

In comparison to other businesses, the hosting account that we offer for WordPress is superior. Our team has been working for a long time on WordPress, and we have optimized it for WordPress only. You get super-fast loading speed and you will have top-notch inexperience. We are actively working to enhance the WordPress hosting server, thereby giving you a superior experience.

Automatic Updating

The latest version of WordPress is released once every few months, and you don't have to worry about updates because our servers are adapting to new changes. Again, we work on the servers to ensure that the packages are compliant with new functionality. We automatically update the core WordPress updates, so you are safe.

Advanced caching process

WordPress hosting is particularly designed for sites running WordPress. Non-programmers were kept in mind and an advanced built-in feature was introduced where the website would load faster than regular sites. To speed up your site, you no longer need to get into an advanced configuration.

Installation with one click

We have a tool that allows you to install a single-click WordPress CMS. With just one click, you can install WordPress by entering your email address, username, and password. To get your site online, you do not need to go through the MySQL database. Our control panel helps you manage all installations of WordPress in one place so that you can instantly construct your website.

IT Company Australia professionals create and maintain the appropriate infrastructure to provide you with the performance you would expect from WordPress Hosting. The best hosting plans for WordPress, web hosting, email hosting,gmail hosting by IT Company Australia include developer tools, advanced site protection features, automated updates, and one-click installation.

This is a free website created with