FTP server and what are its benefits?

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For companies who want to keep their data secure, using an FTP server is a popular solution. A hosted FTP server might be the solution if you're searching for the right alternative to preserve data protection. Learn more about FTP servers, how they work and how your organization will benefit from them.

The solutions used for facilitating file transfers across the internet are FTP servers. Files are either uploaded or downloaded to the FTP server if you submit files using FTP. The files are moved from a personal computer to the server when you upload files. The files are moved from the cloud to your personal computer when the files are downloaded. In order to transfer files through FTP, TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol), or the language used by the internet to execute commands, is used. The midpoint between the sender and the receiver of a file can be considered by FTP servers. You need the server address in order for FTP servers to operate. 

You will have to enter a username and password, depending on the type of FTP server you use and the level of protection that is required. Some FTP servers allow you to connect anonymously, which does not require you to enter a name or password in order to gain access.


Ultimately, the greatest advantage of using FTP servers over other alternatives is the level of protection that can be offered by these controlled options. Both protected (encrypted) file transfer protocols, FTPS and SFTP, add another security layer to standard FTP transfers, and many FTP servers support both FTPS and SFTP to help protect shared data. This gives you the additional confidence that your confidential files, when they are encrypted in transit, will not fall into the wrong hands.

Anyone with the right equipment or a little bit of information may actually be able to intercept data. You may also be worried that viruses or other malware may be the target of your transfers. Fortunately, our experts’ will provide you with the responsible protection required to keep data secure when you use a controlled FTP server.

Full Control:

The amount of control that you can achieve over your data is another advantage of using an FTP server. Many FTP servers provide granular access controls, especially industry-leading ones, enabling your administrators to decide who can upload, download, modify, remove, or share files, and what folders they have those permissions within.

In our company, not everybody wants the same degree of access to your files. The CEO may need to see confidential financial documents, for instance. You can add even more protection to your files with the ability to monitor file and solution access based on individual user accounts.

Large Files size:

Have you ever attempted to send a file via email to a recipient, only to receive a message that your file is too big to send? If your company deals with a huge amount of data, because of files that are too big, you won't want your whole file sharing process to be disrupted. Instead, an FTP server that allows you to send gigabytes of data all at once can be used.

Improved Workflow Raise:

It can have a detrimental effect on your company’s competitiveness to have a file-sharing process that is not uniform in your organization. You can send massive quantities of data in an instant, instead of sharing one single file at a time. When large transfers are being made or major transfers are scheduled for nights or weekends, you can still continue to work, so your routine is not disrupted.

Using an FTP server also provides you a single place for all your files to be stored. This decreases the amount of time spent by your team searching for a particular piece of information. It also decreases the risk of files being lost.

Disaster Reconstruction:

When you could run into problems with missing or corrupted records, you never know. Your vendor will ensure that your files are never lost when you select a top FTP provider, from your daily data to your most important and sensitive files.

You don't have to think about missing work when a tragedy occurs, including an interruption to your internet service, a lack of electricity, or even an actual natural disaster. Instead, the data is backed up to another location periodically and automatically. Then, you can do so by coordinating with your FTP vendor if you need to restore your files.

Knowing a little more about what FTP servers are and the advantages of using them enable you to make the best possible decisions about your knowledge. Storing your information in safe places gives you the assurance that it will be safe from catastrophe or compromise. Be sure that you want to partner with an FTP vendor who can give you all of the above-described advantages.

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