Dedicated FTP Servers and Cloud FTP Hosting

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For almost 20 years, we have built feature-rich FTP hosting server applications for our customers here at FTP Today. We all know, however, that they would not be the best match for everyone and that you need to make sure you make the right decision for your needs.

You will be able to use/experience our top-notch Cloud FTP services with IT Company Australia and enjoy our excellent customer support, along with a multitude of features and FREE extras!

We're going to describe what FTP and unrestricted cloud hosting servers are and dig into the pros and cons of each one.

What is a Dedicated FTP Server?

You will not share CPU, RAM, or network resources with anyone; dedicated FTP servers are for your use and your use only. Across several different enterprises, joint FTP servers distribute resources. Think of it as having your own office building vs. sharing an office space with other businesses where a printer room, toilets, or open rooms may be shared. While you may be able to secure your specific space, that doesn't mean the entire facility is protected. 

Pros of Using a Dedicated FTP Server:


You can rest better knowing that your data is secured because these secure servers are being used by your authorized users and those users alone. For industries that use highly sensitive data on a regular basis, dedicated servers are perfect. There may be anyone in the healthcare sector or contractors from the government. A dedicated server is the best choice if you're managing confidential data.

Network Resources

You’re not sharing computer or network resources with other companies starting at the server level, which means there’s far less likely you’ll be impacted by other entities. This minimizes downtime and preserves efficiency. 

Increased Performance Levels 

Minimal Management Overhead - Fortunately with a dedicated FTP server provided by an FTP host, you don’t have to worry about making a large initial investment for hardware. Instead, in order to facilitate the server, you may rely on your FTP host. As long as you partner with a top FTP provider, you don't even have to raise your investment in data protection. Your FTP host will control and operate the physical server you will use, requiring no effort at all.

What is Cloud FTP Hosting?

Cloud FTP hosting is similar to using a dedicated FTP server in that the data center and support system is operated and maintained for you by an FTP host, all the way through the program, but provisioning and other changes can happen much faster. You are also negotiating with a host to make sure that the file-sharing solution they have is safe and productive to operate.

Using Cloud FTP Hosting:


While your data is not kept at your physical location, you still have a say in where your information ends up (domestically or internationally). You will know exactly where the servers are located, along with the data on them. Top file-sharing hosts make a great effort to ensure the security of all important data.


Cost is often a serious factor for companies deciding between a file-sharing solution housed on a fanatical cloud FTP server and a shared cloud FTP server solution. Cloud-based FTP servers are tons cheaper because they're typically an OPEX cost as against a big upfront CAPEX cost, which may make this a tempting option for several companies. you merely pay a monthly subscription fee for the choice and resources that are the simplest for your needs.


Scalability is straightforward with a cloud FTP hosting option. A cloud-based solution is inherently flexible. With the press of a button, you'll increase your storage capacities. In a moment, you'll have all the storage your company needs.

Both the dedicated FTP server and cloud-based FTP server are great options for many companies. make certain to think about your options carefully when selecting a course of action. 

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