Online law courses and contract drafting course in India

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Online law courses in India are those specialized courses that are conducted online, through a website. So you don’t need to attend the lectures, pay a nominal fees to the institution. The best part of these courses is that, it saves your time, if you are working somewhere and doesn’t have enough time to attend the classes, than these courses are extremely beneficial for you most popular among legal professionals and students is contract drafting course. Also if you are a student and looking for a specialized course, then this will help you a lot in making your portfolio strong.


Looking for a career in law? But don’t have time to attend the regular classes! Well if this question is puzzling you then we have a solution for it. Why not go for the online law courses that will not only save your time, but also gives you a liberty to learn from anywhere and anytime.


Other important exam is patent agent exam. The Indian Patent Agent exam consists of Paper 1 and Paper 2. Once you successfully clear both the papers, you are called for a viva-voce examination, which usually happens after at least 1 month of written examination date. This exam can also be studies totally online from premium patent agent exam preparation course.


The Paper 1 is of 100 marks. To clear the paper 1, one has to score at least 50 marks (cut off). Paper 1 is a complete MCQ paper. Almost all the questions of paper 1 are from the Bare act. The Bare act covers both Patents Act, 1970 and Patent Rules, 2003. For clearing the paper 1, one should be thorough with the important Patent Sections, Patent Rules, Timelines, Forms and Fees.


The paper 2 is also of 100 marks with cut off 50 marks required to clear it. Paper 2 is a fully theoretical paper. It includes problem interpretation and specification drafting questions. In the first part of paper 2, you would have questions that you are supposed to understand and accordingly provide a written advise on how the problem could be solved. The first part may require you to mention necessary forms and fees to carry out the procedure. The drafting questions are covered in the second and third part of the paper 2. You need to remember the format of the complete specification to completely draft the specification.


Viva-voce examination is of 50 marks and the viva-voce questions are based on the Bare act and on your knowledge of the Patent domain. Viva-voce does not have any specific cut off marks. To clear the exam, once has to score an aggregate of 60% which comes to 150 marks out of 250 marks (100+100+50).

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