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In an era where every other product, activity, and technology is leading to damaging the Ozone layer and polluting the environment, how would you feel if there is something that not only prevents the pollution, but also helps in generating employment? Yes, there is something like that! It's about time we realized the power of natural resources before increasing our dependence on artificial things. We are talking about one of the natural resources, Bamboo which is found in India, especially in the North-Eastern region, in abundance.


Bamboo Technology: A Latest Ground-breaking Technology on the Block


We need to make use of the Bamboo Technology to reduce the level of unequal distribution of income in India. This latest ground-breaking technology could also be our initiative to counter-attack the levels of pollution to which we have contributed. Bamboo as a Which wooden comb is good for hair material has varied uses. This natural resource is the most sought after after-build temporary shelter for people affected by natural calamities. Additionally, one can also find a lot of handicrafts and furniture made out of this material.


How to Make People Aware about the Bamboo Technology?


To be frank, it's saddening that the limelight that bamboo technology is being robbed by technology and furniture made out of plywood. The prime reason behind this is that bamboo products are not too famous. Due to lack of promotional facilities and the backwardness of the North-Eastern region, half of their contribution goes unnoticed which also leads to lesser income. We need to spread the word about Bamboo products and use more and more of such products by directly instead of going through middlemen. More importantly, it is not at all difficult as the Bamboo-made products are also available online. All one has to do is find the relevant products that they are looking for made out of Bamboo, place an order, and get it delivered at their doorstep.


Throwing Light Upon Some of the Uses of Bamboo


The eco-friendly plant, Bamboo, have been used from ages unknown for different purposes. Right from building shelter to even building weapon to save oneself, the tribal people have been heavily dependent on Bamboo. As the human race advanced, the existing uses of the Bamboo were modified and upgraded and new uses of the plant were also discovered. Bamboo was used to make furniture, martial art weapons, and it was equally cultivated. Today, one can find Bamboo being used for production of energy, charcoal, and activated carbon, substituting fossil fuels, creating musical instruments, and also for curing some diseases. Bamboo products at home give it a rustic appeal. One simply will not have to compromise with the aesthetics if they are using any bamboo products. We should now move all our attention towards highlighting the uses of Bamboo, its advantages, and more about Psychology Articles, using the products. It will be our genuine contribution towards making our surrounding even healthier and livelier.

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