Which living style is better? Individual floor or an Apartment

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Individual Floors are basically a type of homes where the whole housing is confined on one floor of a building which has usually three or four storeys. This means it’s a building which is mostly occupied by families who live on one floor each. This style of living provides the feel of an autonomous lodging, without costing much as separate villas or houses.


Apartments on other hand are different from individual floors because they are multi-storied buildings. Here, a number of different families live in the same society. Subjected to the plan, apartments have one or more than one residence on the same floor with generous space for all.


Apartments provide lots of design options along with a number of rooms. They come to both ways, unfurnished or furnished with the latest features, interiors, and luxurious settings.


  • Living in Community – Apartments provide an experience of living in a community where one can easily mingle with people living in the neighborhood. People living in apartments can engage in several activities with the Welfare Associations that come with societies and apartment projects. In most places, Individual floors lack this type of social connection.
  • Quality of Material – One major drawback of the individual floor is the confined look, old construction, small or no parking space, and most importantly, absence of the high living standards which everyone these days prefer the most. Whereas, apartments come with top-quality construction material, worthy locations, and views along with attractive architectural layouts.
  • Safety – Apartments have loads of options to put forward in terms of safety. Most of the projects these days have 24*7 close watch. These high-rise buildings also come with lush green spaces, jogging tracks, lifts, clubhouses, supermarkets, and several other amenities that make living more relaxed while living in a chaotic urban area.
  • Price – When you consider opting to live in Sarjapur Road, Bangalore, an area that is the first choice of dwelling for many homebuyers, an individual floor you might find costly with negligible features. You can very conveniently opt for an ultra-luxury apartment in The Prestige City, Sarjapur Road with better intensities of expediency, luxury, lavishness, safety, and privacy – all this at very affordable rates!


In today’s fast-developing world, apartments are good to go. As a working individual, you definitely will consider location, amenities, and your budget while choosing your dream home. These days, most apartment projects are coming with lots of attractive features and plus points as compared with individual floors. This is the reason why most individuals are choosing to live their lives in apartment-style housing.

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